Yunil Nam

© Photography by Yeon-Hak Sung

© Photography by Yeon-Hak Sung



Yunil Nam is a designer and artist. He is currently working on a number of projects in an architecture studio 'WestonWilliamson+Partners' in London. He is specialised in infrastructure projects participating in a number of valuable station design projects. He has expertise in the development of design from inception through to tender issue as well as working on the construction phase of projects. He has worked for Transport for London(TfL), London Underground, Crossrail and Dockland Light Railway(DLR).

Yunil was born in South Korea. He studied Interior Design in Seoul Institute of the Arts and was awarded The Fourth Highest Academic Scholarship in his final year. Following this he moved to London and finished a Bachelor degree in Architecture at Central Saint Martins in 2014. Then, he completed a Master of Architecture (RIBA Part II) with a distinction from University of Greenwich in 2016. Yunil's design and thesis projects were tutored by Pascal Bronner and Thomas Hillier in Unit 18. Yunil's project is a multiple-award winner. His work won ‘Grand Prix’ of International Architecture Competition by Foundation Jacques Rougerie, institute de France and was also nominated as a finalist from Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition (KRob) in the US.

Yunil's interests give chase to architecture within a narrative through collages, model-making and drawings with various mediums. From hand sketches to photography, he documents his life and journey with a multi-disciplinary exploration of media. 

 현재 영국 런던 WestonWilliamson+Parters에서 프로젝트 리드 디자이너로 설계 실무를 하고 있으며, 교통 분야 설계 전문가로 일하며 런던 교통국(Transport for London, TfL) 산하 ‘London Underground’, ‘Dockland Light Railway’, ‘Crossrail’의 South Kensington Station, Paddington Station, Thames Wharf Station 등 다수의 신 역사 또는 기존 역사 확장/개선 설계 프로젝트에 참여하였습니다. 

 서울예술대학에서 실내디자인을 전공하였으며, 런던 예술 대학교, 센트럴 세인트 마틴스 컬리지로 편입을 하여 2014년에 건축학 학사(Bachelor of Arts)를 수여 받았습니다. 2014년 부터 2016년까지 그리니치 대학교에서 영국 유명 내러티브 건축가 그룹인 플리폴리 아키텍트(FleaFollyArchitects)의 파스칼 브로너와 토마스 힐리어의 가르침 아래 건축석사(Master of Architecture)를 공부하고, 2016년 Distinction으로 건축 석사, 그리고 영국 왕립 건축가 협회(Royal Institute of British Architects)에서 인증하는 RIBA Part II 건축가 자격을 수여 받았습니다. 그의 작업은 프랑스 최고 학술기관인 ‘프랑스 학사원’의 자크 루즈리 재단에서 주최하는 국제 공모전에서 최고상인 ‘Grand Prix’를 수상하였고 미국 건축사 협회(AIA)에서 주최하는 국제 건축 드로잉 공모전에 파이널리스트에 선정 되었습니다.

 디지털에서 부터 아날로그까지, 어느 한 쪽에 치우치지 않고 다양한 미디어에 대한 연구를 통해 건축을 구현하고, 건축의 이야기를 만들어내고, 표현해 내는 것에 큰 관심이 있습니다.


M.Arch Architecture Part II (Distinction)

University of Greenwich

BA(Hons) Architecture

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Interior Design

Seoul Institute of the Arts

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