Peckham Memorial

2012 - 2013


  The site in Peckham was totally burned down, that seemed not to be appropriate to live. Despite the status of the building, new life such as glass and flowers was re-started growing in a backyard of the site. Therefore, the project tried to establish a connection between death and rebirth, and the past, present and the future. It would make interstice or gap closer than before within this co-memorial garden as a local community.

“A victim’s desire for survival reached the peak. The man wanted to escape from the fire. It was difficult to run away from the disaster. The house was being burnt down gradually.”

  This project wanted to describe a moment when the man kicked a window to escape from the fire and a lot of pieces of broken glass were scattered with this collage. In this process of scattering glass created various shapes between pieces. Moreover, this moment could represent a terrible situation and strong desire to remain alive in the fire. The long journey to survive in the fire as well as a relationship between life and death were impressive in this contextual circumstance.