Urban Interface in Caledonian Rd.

2013 - 2014


  The boundary of Caledonian Road has unique characteristics such as economic diversity of inhabitants, cultural aspects, special geometrical conditions Caledonian Road is a boundary of outer city area and a corridor to move into the city centre. Caledonian Road is near King’s Cross Station, and straight down from north to south which connects north London from Camden, to central London running about a mile. Two totally different communities, called Bemerton Estate and Barnsbury around Thorn Hill Square, are facing each other upon Caledonian Road as a border.

  Although Barnsbury seemed to be rich area with typical Georgian flats, Bemerton Estate was a council flat and relatively poorer area than the others in Islington Council.  The atmosphere in Bemerton was dark, sterile and uncommon with lack of liveliness while Thorn Hill Square was bright, and active with full of local people. To rehabilitate Bemerton, it was necessary to generate urban interface with the two communities.

  A mobile structure could be the answer. As an ice cream van could attract local people wherever they were, the mobile pop-up shops have a significant influence on inviting and integrating the local people with programmes on the vans. The vans could have possibility of a conversion that diverse of events could be taken place on it, thus, the mobile shops, as the urban interface, could activate social integrity satisfying a lack of interaction on neglected local area.

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